The Collection

Emphasizing the beauty of raw elegance for the global collector


Our Vision

Our Vision

Crafted with a worldly view in mind - Samari rings bring the destination close at hand and the citizen closer to the heart. Our mission is to mak...

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Our Process

Our Process

We partner with experienced Goldsmiths in Tel Aviv, who give their individual touch to each of the pieces. We celebrate uniqueness by respecting ...

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Our Design

Our Design

Designed with origin in mind, each piece tells the story of the material it came from and the hands that made it. Our design process focuses on t...

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In addition to our existing ring collection, we also do customized pieces, based on our design philosophy.

Create a personalized ring for your collection, by choosing a unique combination of finishes and materials.

Contact us for specific wishes or even just small idea, that we can work on together - we are always excited to hear your ideas!

Picture on the right: Customized ring for a collector. The Grace design made in 14k gold and 1,51 ct diamonds.





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Stores (Norway)

Gullsmed Hellman

Gullsmed Johnsen

Gullsmed Heyerdahl

Gullsmed O.Førlie