Our Story

Samari Jewellery is a Danish brand, emphasizing the beauty of raw elegance for the global collector

We are a couple, from, respectively, The United States and Denmark, and have been working on the wholesale side of the jewellery and accessory business, for many years. While travelling the world together, both for business and exploration, we collected many memories and tokens of the
diverse places we visited. This inspired us to create a unique story of being a global collector.

With a wide variety of affiliated inspirations, so is our wish for a diversity in the materials used in creating each piece of jewellery. All of our rings are Spinning rings on a 925 Sterling silver shank, representing our common, turning globe. We then add different combinations of designs, using
gold, handcrafted cubic zirconia stones, tourmaline stones, black ceramic and opals.

Our design focuses on raw elegance, by showing the origin and affiliation of each unique piece, with respect of the precious materials and honest craftsmanship.

Our rings are handmade in Tel Aviv. We partner with experienced goldsmiths, giving their individual touch to each piece. It is important for us, that every ring is made with care and precision, but still keeping the materials and their story intact and alive.

Crafted with a worldly view in mind, Samari rings bring the destination close at hand and the global citizen closer to the heart. Samari is about differences, provenance, experiences, travel, making a moment, creating connection and building a legacy. But more than anything, Samari rings are as uniquely crafted as the customers who collect them.

As carefully as one chooses their destination, so too, our customers curate the moments that make up the journey, through personal experience